What psychiatric disorder seems likely?

Kristopher is a 14-year-old boy who was recently accused by a female classmate of forcing her to have sex with him. He claimed that she agreed to have sex with him and then became angry because he went out with other girls. Kristopher is known as a bully and often fights with other students. He was removed from his biological mother’s home when he was 4 years old because she was unresponsive when he was repeatedly abused by her boyfriend. Kristopher was adopted by his current parents when he was 7 years old after he had lived in a series of foster homes. He was a known charmer. Despite his charm, however, he had difficulty controlling his temper and seemed to take pleasure in being cruel to other children and animals. 

During the next few years, Kristopher’s adoptive parents tried to help him. They worked with the school to help him control his temper and provided him with therapy. However, his behavior became increasingly difficult to manage. He frequently lied and sometimes stole money from his mother. He began to spend time with other adolescents who were known to use drugs. His school performance, which had never been satisfactory, deteriorated even further. Soon after he was accused of the sexual assault, he ran away from home but was caught by police and arrested. 

School Administrators have requested a clinical assessment be completed specific to Kristopher; and consequently, you have been asked to complete the assessment and make a brief presentation to aforementioned officials. 

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Please submit a written assignment addressing the following items: 

  • Based on the case information alone what psychiatric disorder(s) seem most likely?
  • What internal and external strengths do you see in Kristopher’s case?
  • What specific treatment(s) would you recommend for Kristopher, and why?
  • You are asked by one of the school officials if Kristopher should be placed back in the classroom. How would you respond to this question?  Please cite specific evidence (e.g. risk factors, etc.) to support your argument.
  • How does your understanding of childhood trauma influence your understanding and conceptualization of Kristopher’s presentation?

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