1. What best defines class? (Points : 1)       All classes are kinds of castes.

      Class is a broad stratum that is made up of unrelated families.

      Membership is determined by birth, and individuals cannot move from one social stratum to another.

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      Class is based on religious concepts.

Question 2.
2. The purpose of the practice of purdah is to (Points : 1)       preserve family honor.

      expose women to the community.

      join two families.

      create gender equality.

Question 3.
3. Which of the following is NOT a caste within the Indian caste system? (Points : 1)       The Brahmin

      The Kshatriya

      The Vaisya

      The Untouchables

Question 4.
4. The main difference between sex and gender is that (Points : 1)       sex refers to biological differences between men and women.

      gender refers to biological differences between men and women.

      sex defines one’s social roles based on cultural ideas about men and women.

      there is no difference; gender and sex are synonymous.

Question 5.
5. Which of the following is NOT true of bilateral descent? (Points : 1)       It defines all relatives on a person’s mother’s side of the family as in-laws.

      It gives equal weight to mother-child and father-child relationships.

      It counts people as relatives on both parents’ sides of the family

      It is commonly used in socially complex societies.

Question 6.
6. According to Margaret Mead, the Arapesh of New Guinea believed that the basic temperaments of men and women (Points : 1)       were not different from one another.

      were more volatile among men.

      were more volatile among women.

      were similar in matters other than sexuality.

Question 7.
7. Homophobia is _______________. (Points : 1)       an irrational antipathy towards homosexuality

      any feelings other than acceptance of homosexuality

      synonymous with heterosexism

      unrelated to heterosexism

Question 8.
8. What social functions do rites of passage play? (Points : 1)       They help maintain stability and order in society.

      They help a society to achieve a new form.

      They are symbolic dramatizations during crisis events in an individual’s life.

      They help the individual maintain his or her original status.

Question 9.
9. Matrilineality is the principle of descent in what percentage of world societies? (Points : 1)       5%

      15 percent



Question 10.
10. Which of the following would BEST be classified as an ascribed status in the United States? (Points : 1)       Senator


      African American

      Psychiatric patient

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