Paper on intelligence measures and culture

·         Logical mathematical

·         Linguistic

·         Musical

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·         Spatial

·         Bodily kinesthetic

·         Interpersonal

·         Intrapersonal

Think about how you would test these dimensions of intelligence. For this assignment, assume that you are going to test intelligence of people of two differing cultures.

·         Choose three of the above dimensions of intelligence to measure. Describe each type of intelligence.

·         Describe the two cultures you have chosen. What type of intelligence does each culture favor?  What does it mean to be intelligent in each culture? What is the history of each culture? What is the environment like? Provide approximately half a page of description for each culture.

·         Describe how you would test these different dimensions of intelligence in each culture. Do you need to test differently? Why?

·         Discuss theories of intelligence and how they account for cultural differences.

Paper should be 4-6 pages in length, formatted as per APA sixth edition guidelines.

APA paper template attached.

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