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Ethics in the field of Psychology

Review the APA Code of Ethics General Principles and watch the Unit 4 case study video. Then answer the following questions:

  1. Which of the five General Principles from the APA Ethics Code do you think the psychologist might have violated by his response in this case?     Why?       Please name the Principle by letter and title when discussing (Ex: Principle A – Beneficence)                          —-   AND ——
  2. What do you think the psychologist should have done differently to remain in compliance with the APA Ethics Code’s General Principles?

**Please remember your citations and references for the sources you use for this DQ:   References (for end of post):                                                                                                                                           Citations — for end of sentence (in-text) credits:Case study. (n.d.). Retrieved from PS115 unit 4 reading.                                                                                                (Case study, n.d.).

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Ethical principles. (2016). APA. Retrieved from                              (Ethical principles, 2016).


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Ethics xx the xxxxx xx Psychology

xxxxxx Ethics in xxx xxxxx xx Psychology




xxxx xxx

Question 1

xxxxxxx Principles xxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx Code xxxxxxxx by the xxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx not prove to be competent xx his work. xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx fails xx adhere the standards xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and relevance.

xxxxxxx for people’s xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx the patient (Juan) xxx a xxxxx xx ask xxx question xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx psychologist. xxx psychologist xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx the patient xxx instead addresses xxx parents. He xxxxxxxx xxx integrity xx the patient xxxxxxx xx xxxx of xxx xxx and xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx welfare: xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx ignores the views xx xxx patient xxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxx the warfare xx xxxxx xxx primary contribution for a successful counseling xxxxx from the xxxxxxxx confessions or views xxxxx xx the patient. The xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx


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