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Please answer the following three questions in atleast 200 words, including one APA reference.

1. Freud suggests that difficulty in any stage of development can cause abnormal sexual behavior. Do you agree? Why or why not?

2. From the psychodynamic viewpoint, the presence of an uncaring mother or the absence of a mother could adversely affect one or more stages of lifespan development. From a modern-day vantage point with its wealth of research and resources, will the presence of an uncaring mother or the absence of a mother necessarily affect the interpersonal relationships of an individual later in life? Why or why not?

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3.  Consider the concepts of resistance and transference from the psychoanalytic perspective. How might these concepts negatively affect a relationship? Explain. Are there ever positive effects from the application of one or both of these concepts? Why or why not? While not required, personal examples in support of your position are acceptable as a supplement to the scholarly research in this area depending on the extent to which you feel comfortable discussing such information.

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