CRJS 4102 Assignment. Serious inquires only

Review the article, “Offender Risk Assessment.” Focus on the specific risk assessment tests that are frequently used to predict crime and violence. Think about the strengths and limitations of these tools to predict criminal behavior and classify different types of criminals.

  • Select two standardized assessment tests that are used to predict criminal behavior and classify criminals. Reflect on the similarities and differences between these two risk assessments tools, as well as on their strengths and limitations.

The assignment (2–3 pages):

  • Compare and contrast the two standardized assessments you selected.
  • Explain at least one strength and one limitation of each assessment in terms of the accuracy with which each predicts criminal behavior and classifies criminals.
  • Explain at least one insight you had or conclusion you drew about assessing the dangerousness of criminals as a result of completing this assignment.

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