CRJS 4102 Assignment 2 to 3 pages

Criminology is inundated with a host of theories, each of which has the same goal: to identify and explain the reasons why some people develop into criminals. Although the goal of these theories is the same, the ways in which theories attempt to address this goal are quite different. Most criminological theories, for example, attempt to explain crime by attributing it to different factors. Some theories, such as differential association/social learning theory, emphasize the role of delinquent peers, whereas other theories draw attention to the importance of psychological and biological factors. In order to have a well-rounded understanding of the causes of the criminal mind and criminal behavior, it is essential to understand the intricacies of each of these theories. By becoming familiar with the concepts and logic of each of these theories, you have a better grasp on the development of the criminal mind and the likely causes of criminal behavior.

Compare and contrast the theories you selected.

  • Explain at least one insight you gained about the criminal mind and criminal behavior as a result of completing this assignment.

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