Communication Theory and Practice for Health Professions

  • After reading Chapter 24, Review Table 24-1 on pages 417 – 420. (Communication Skills for the Health Care Professional: Concepts, Practice, and Evidence (book))
  • You must select ONE of the four (4) scholarly investigations designed (in general) “…to improve patient care transitions, which would also improve communications, satisfaction, and coordination of care” (van Servellen, 2009, p. 415) listed in Table 24-1.
  • Each of these articles has been made available to you via download from the Blackboard platform. Make your selection, and carefully read the PDF available for your chosen study.
  • Utilizing the skills you have developed and fine-tuned via weekly Video Challenges #1 through #9 throughout the semester, you will complete a formal video challenge response describing, analyzing, and building upon the piloted intervention in your chosen article by including well thought-out narratives on the following:

A.) Introduction describing the problem the authors/researchers were attempting to aIDress.

B.) The Study purpose & design.

C.) The particular intervention utilized.

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D.) The specifics on the population & setting.

E.) The system elements of the intervention.

F.) The major outcome variables examined.

G.) The results of the study (i.e. what did they find?)

H.) Your ONE unique recommendation/idea as to how to build upon the study’s intervention – Specifically, what aIDitional system element (intervention component) would you aID to strengthen the study/program?


You may include aIDitional references/resources if you desire, however it is not required. Your overall focus should remain at the article at hand, the points you need to aIDress, and the resources in your text—along with your own creativity—in order to formulate a response and design an aIDitional component of the

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