8 questions

This is not an essay. Each question is their own thing and has to have a quote and answer between 150-200 words. All must pass turn it with less than 5%.

1.       What about the world today demonstrates most obviously the need for intercultural communication? Be detailed in your answer.

2.       What are the pros and cons of globalization?

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3.       In what way or ways do you tend to be ethnocentric? How difficult is it for you to see that another person’s way of doing something may be just as good as yours?

4.       Why do intercultural conflicts occur? Are they inevitable? Why or why not?

5.       Choose at least four of the identities discussed in chapter 4 of the textbook. What is the label that describes you in each of these identities? How does having that set of labels affect you in your communication with others?

6.       Most people spend some of the time in the majority and some of the time in the minority, but overall they consider themselves to be one or the other. Determine whether or not you are going to consider yourself a minority or majority for this question. Where are you in the process of majority or minority identity development? Why did you stop at that stage?

7.       What are the four components of language? How are they different?

8.       Explain the concept of low context/high context. With whom do you use high-context language? Why?

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